What is it? #1

Inroducing Silly Writing Prompts full of silliness, curiousities and shenanigans. Here’s the first one. Feel free to guess what it is. Illumination all around, temperature rising, air blasting. Outside is quiet, and fresh. Trapped. Whirring noise assaults senses and batters hopes of freedom. Heat builds, intense like the sun. There is movement outside, yet noContinue reading “What is it? #1”

Welcome to I Love Fantasy Novels!

Welcome to my awesome imagination. Let’s see if my writing can express it. I’ll be sharing treats and teasers and tips. Don’t alliterate lists sound nice? This site is full of my fantastical ideas, and my blog, Writing Ranting, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s me ranting about my thoughts on writing and sharingContinue reading “Welcome to I Love Fantasy Novels!”