Fantastic Inspiration and Where to Find it!

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Photo by Alexandre

Real life. Write what you know, right? If you have your own story to tell, or someone else’s, then do it. There might be some issues on telling other people’s stories so be sure to check out how to go about it like changing names, locations, minor details for example. But people can inspire in a good way and encourage you to write something more personal.

Dreams are one of my biggest inspirations. Most of my ideas come from dreams. Then I have more dreams about it and use those too. I put a lot of myself into my books, but the initial inspiration always starts with a dream. 

Books are a good once you know what kind of story you want to write. Or maybe they already inspired you, in which case, you’re good. But read the books most like the ones you want to write. Read different genres to get a bigger view on the world of literature and how some genres overlap. Read anything and everything that you think you might like, then use all that inspiration to mould your own story.

Images are great once you have a story idea and want to develop your characters and world whether realistic or fantasy/sci-fi. I recommend for amazing portraits, landscapes and fun fantasy characters and worlds. Maybe even make a map to help with locations or town locales. 

Legend of the Cryptids - Snow Convoy Secrecia adv.
One of my favourite inspirational images from Legends of the Cryptid
Also this from Ghost Blade graphic novels. 

Music. OMG. I can’t write without it. Even before I rediscovered my love for playing music, it’s always inspired me. I even have a character who plays a little violin in my novels I started over two years ago. She represented my past love for the flute and piano but how I just stopped playing because of other priorities. So I wrote about music long before Out of Ashes, which was inspired by my redescovery of music.

I made different playlists depending on what type of scene I was writing. I’m glad I did, because now I have chapter names based on that music, and I’ve shared a couple on my novel pages on this site.

This is an amazing playlist when brainstorming or outlining. But when actually writing, I’ve always preferred instrumental. 
Try Two Steps from Hell for amazing battle music or some high seas or just gentle uplifting music for any book.

So no matter what inspires you, there’s always something that drives our twitchy fingers.

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