Multiple Project Disorder!

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I have a wild imagination and vivid dreams that always lead to some literary project whether it be flash fiction, a short story, or an entire series of novels. This is both amazing for an aspiring writer to have so many ideas, but also conflicting in which projects I’m more focused on. 

I spent two years drafting and revising my first series before I lost my creativity last year. I still found time to drop by for some outline changes and notes based on ideas I wanted to put into the piece at a later date, but I basically stopped writing.

Then my creativity came to me in dreams and won’t stop. I have my novel I’m writing and putting the majority of my energy into right now. But I have two series of short pieces I also keep hopping back and forth with. Plus my original series that I will go back to the moment this latest novel is finished,

So how do you stick with one project to get that done before jumping to the next?

If you find the answer, I’d love to know. But does it matter? Finishing my projects is the main goal, for sure. But why do I have to work on only one project at a time if I have so many ideas for lots of different projects?

Yes, this means they will take more time in the long run, but I’ve finished a few short pieces already, I have a final revision pending for my first novel, and I’m ploughing through my latest with virtually no distractions. So I’m 100% okay with working on short pieces occasionally. It gives my mind a break from the bigger project so I can do back to it with a fresh outlook.

If you’re the kind of person to stick to a project with no distractions, then great, do it. Finish that project.

But if you’re like me who has too many ideas for just one project, then don’t limit yourself. Make notes and write outlines for new projects if you want to focus on just one. You don’t have to write the whole thing now. I have many notes and outlines pending because I know I want to finish a specific novel first. But pondering short pieces are fine too. I might even get something published while I’m working on my novel.

Your imagination may give you plenty for one project or it may give you more than you can handle. But don’t be overwhelmed. Use it all and don’t limit your creativity. There is balance in everything.

2 responses to “Multiple Project Disorder!”

  1. I made a decent living as a copywriter for years, but eventually found the deadlines, repetition, and limited context to be really unfulfilling. Now I’m releasing a chapter a week from my new book for free, and writing has become fun again! There is indeed a balancing act behind all of this.

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