Creating Creative Spaces!!!

Since posting this, I move my kitchen table into the living room for a desk. I think it’s big enough. Tigerlily likes it in the morning sun.

I rearranged my living room the other day and feel more creative and refreshed in my personal space. So it got me thinking about creative spaces and how writers create theirs.

This my little writing desk. As you can see, things are a little tight with limited storage. But I love the style of desk so much and it makes me feel creative, so I put up with it and use a little table and bookshelf either side for extra surface and storage.
This is my music corner with my Yeti mic condenser and old tablet for recording. My foot stool doubles as a piano stool. There are my two flutes and my new violin. It’s a cute little space right by the window. It’s probably my favourite space in the flat.
My MC from Out of Ashes learns (more relearns) to play the violin, so I figured I’d do the same. I bought a black one just like in my book.

Like any job or hobby, you need the right space and tools to work in. An artist need’s their canvas, paints, light and space to stand back and look at the bigger picture. A mechanic needs toolboxes and a large garage with a pit and one of those thingamajigs that raises the car up in the air. 

I’d love a desk like this. Classic but spacious.

Writing is no different. We need our notebooks, laptops, PCs, and whatever else to make notes and write, but we also need a calming space to write. I’ve heard some people like to write in coffee shops because it’s “cool”. I’m sure you look cool sipping your coffee and tapping away in your laptop, but the noise would be a serious distraction for me.

I used to write in cafes on my lunchbreak, but now I have lunch at home.

So home, or somewhere really quiet, is the only place I could write. I had this gorgeous writer’s desk in the flat when I moved in but it’s a bit too small so I’m looking for a new one. Something vintage-looking to go with the rest of my furniture. It prompts my creativity having more stylish furniture. I keep my desk mostly clear of clutter, but I need space for my notebook to scribble ideas down, which is a Santori notebook and super cute. It was expensive, but worth it since it sits on display every day.  

Another dream desk. Maybe with some drawers for storage.

I’m also lucky enough to have a PC and a laptop, so I can write anywhere. I prop my feet up on the footstool while chilling on the sofa, or hang my legs over the arm of the armchair. Comfort is also important, and moving around can help give you a fresh perspective. 

Light is also key. Not too much to cause a glare on your screen, but enough to keep your space looking bright. A friend of mine likes to work in the dark. Between you and me, she’s a little nuts. And I know she’ll read this and agree, so it’s cool. Some writers prefer the dimness.

Going back the post about inspiration, having nice images on the walls or on your desktop on your computer is a good idea too. It doesn’t have to relate to what you’re writing, just something visually pleasing. 

No matter where you write or what you write on, make sure you do all you can to make it a comfortable and creative space to help those creative juices flow.

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