clear glass cup filled with coffee near white roses and book
Photo by Alisa Anton

No, I’m not talking about signing my name when (if) I become a famous author 😬. I’m talking about making your mark in your own work. Those little things that mean something to you personally that pop up in your novels or short pieces. I have a few things. 

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As I mentioned in my Multiple Project Disorder post, I have wild dreams. Last night I had another of my awesome fiery dreams. I’d love to describe it, but I’m saving it for one of my many novels with fire-wielding characters, which is all of my novels. Oops. 

So that’s possibly a problem but also my signature. My current WIP has a fire witch in it and the main theme of magic is fire. My other MCs have fire but also other abilities. I feel like I’ve done a good enough job in making the magic systems different along with the tones and worlds of the stories.

My other signature is a scarlet feather or quill. It was something from the very first character I wrote and is now a thing for all my books. So I made it my writing profile image.

Green eyes for my MCs too. It’s nice to throw in something personal of myself into their appearance to make me connect with them more. Some even have green names.

Then there’s hot chocolate. Oh, how I love hot chocolate. I love coffee too, but hot chocolate works better for many fantasy sub-genres.

So what’s your signature? How will you leave that personal touch in your work?

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