Another Level!!!

I rode a chocobo.

As usual, this doesn’t feel obviously writing-related. But it is. It’s an extension of Fantastic Inspiration and Where to Find it! that I wrote back in December.  

For those of you who don’t know, a chocobo is a large bird from Final Fantasy, and characters can ride one at specific points in the games. But it has meaning beyond a simple video game quirk. I can play the chocobo tune on my flute, and as a duet to boot. It’s not great, but it’s satisfactory to me. And last night, I got to ride a digital chocobo with the quirky music playing in the background.  

It’s also freaking fun to ride about on an imaginary giant bird. How cool is that? It took my mind off my daily problems and transported me to another world. This is exactly how I want my readers to feel when in my writing.

Mechanical Beast is one such example. But I have various moments throughout my work with moments like these. One character gets to drive a Jaguar, another flies a dragon for the first time in nine years, and others have moments where they just lose themselves in something fun. I have two characters from separate WIPs who play the violin and have fun doing it. I hope readers feel that sense of joy and elevation in mood in these moments.

This made me happy and inspired and just full of feelgoods thanks to a writing buddy who encouraged me to play, not that I needed much. 🤦‍♂️

Here’s a happy tune from a happy little chocobo. No, it’s not mine. That needs more work before I share with the big wide world. So here’s one I found on YouTube plus a fun walkthrough of training a chocobo.

So next time you lose yourself in a book, a game, or music, remember that feeling and use it. It’s what makes us all fantasists in a way. We can turn reality into fantasy. Here’s a little secret, Mechanical Beast was about me test-driving a car. But in my imagination, I was flying.

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