Timey Wimey!

silver alarm clock on shelf full of book
Photo by David Sohair

I came across this article about a parallel universe where time goes backwards. There have been articles disproving this, but as a fantasist, it inspired me. 

Backwards in time… WTF? But isn’t that cool? Imagine trying to write a story set in this world. Everyone is basically Benjamin Button. Everyone is what? A son before their dad is born? I mean…think about the ramifications of that in familiar descendancy or ancestry. To actually write something like that would be amazingly impressive.

I actually have some timey wimey stuff myself where two parallel worlds are so different in size that a hundred years on one world is only a few years on the other due to the theory of relativity. So many fantasy novels have realms where time passes differently. One of my childhood favourites “Chronicles of Narnia” has this exact idea with the children spending weeks, years in Narnia each time they visit, but only a few minutes pass in the real world. 

My latest inspiration for this was Interstella, where a few hours on a giant planet was several years outside its orbit. That wasn’t the inspiration for the planets themselves, only how I could account for certain characters existing in both worlds a hundred years apart yet returning to the same people, if that makes sense. 

Then there are various characters who can see through space and time. I call them oracles, but they could be considered prophets since time reaches out to them a little like devine intervention. I called it a web, and they follow the strands to see the past or future. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But you get the idea. 

A Hole in the Web of Time

My point is… which I take far too long in making… use time to your advantage whether it’s pure magic or based on real theories.

It’s just fiction. Your imagination has no limits.

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