Down the Rabbit Hole!!!

While thanking a writing buddy of mine for his critique on my latest chapter, I ranted about how the story behind the book was a deeply personal one. He was very much aware of this already so it wasn’t a surprise how deep this particular story goes for me.  He responded with “The only thingContinue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole!!!”

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Writing!

I’ve already talked about Fantastic Inspiration for your writing, but what about when you’re actually writing.  There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions when it comes to sounds around you while writing. Music, TV, low coffee shop muttering, nature, or silence. Either way, we all need the right background noise, or lack thereof, toContinue reading “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Writing!”

Golden Liquid

A little poem from my random Bursts of Words collection. I drink of your sweetness  Rapture in a glass Glowing and decadent, you dare to tame me I pour truths under your spell I slumber by your compulsion And awake none the wiser to your wises If only I could break the spell  Alas, thereContinue reading “Golden Liquid”

Why Zombies and not Dinosaurs?

Many of you may know the joke about using the passive “by zombies”. Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Here…  Okay, you get the point. But why zombies? Why not werewolves or vampires or dinosaurs? Who knows? It’s still funny and can make for a fun game when editing your work with writingContinue reading “Why Zombies and not Dinosaurs?”

A Series of Harry Potter Events!

It started with films based on books.  This term, I’ve been teaching my pre-teens about films and cinema. Half of them are Harry Potter fans so, of course, they thought of Harry Potter. We didn’t compare the books vs the films because they just don’t have the vocabulary in English, but they enjoyed seeing theContinue reading “A Series of Harry Potter Events!”