A Series of Harry Potter Events!

opened book surrounded with maple leaves on brown surface
Photo by Jessica Fadel

It started with films based on books. 

This term, I’ve been teaching my pre-teens about films and cinema. Half of them are Harry Potter fans so, of course, they thought of Harry Potter. We didn’t compare the books vs the films because they just don’t have the vocabulary in English, but they enjoyed seeing the many films they didn’t know were based on books. 

And moving on…

The next week, we were talking about animals in films, mainly animatronic or CGI animals. It made sense to start with the great oldies of my generation like Jaws and Aliens, then the major leap to Jurassic Park, and finish with the amazing evolution in Harry Potter. This made it more fun for the students since they loved talking about the animals in Harry Potter. 

Another group were doing mythological creatures which actually included many creatures from Harry Potter. Again, thank you, Harry.

And then… I was on Reddit and saw an amazing photograph of the Livraria Lello, where, I recently learned, J.K Rowling spent a lot of time. Harry Potter seemed to be everywhere last month.

library with stairs and shelves
Photo by Ivo Rainha

These great kids and beautiful bookshop inspired me to watch a different Harry Potter film every night for a week. But also read the first two chapters of each book before the film. I thought… sounds fun. I’ve seen the Harry Potter films before, albeit a good few years ago since the last one, but I’ve never read the books. 

It was a treat to immerse myself in this imaginative and fantastical world each night. I found myself enjoying every minute of it. I’m sorry to any book purists who just can’t handle the films. But that conversation is for another day.Sometimes, inspiration leads us to one definitive conclusion, and last month, inspiration led me to Harry Potter.

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