Why Zombies and not Dinosaurs?

Many of you may know the joke about using the passive “by zombies”.

Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Here… 

Okay, you get the point. But why zombies? Why not werewolves or vampires or dinosaurs? Who knows? It’s still funny and can make for a fun game when editing your work with writing buddies. How many zombies can you find? I’ve recently changed it to dinosaurs. Why? Because it felt appropriate for my writing buddy. But yeah, why not dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Riders WIP

I actually made a Halloween grammar and vocabulary game for my ESL students where I have sentences like…

The villagers were chased by…

I was bitten by…

I was scared off by… 

Then I have various monsters which the students can make the sentences with and then make them active. It’s a great and fun game for teenagers and adults learning English. It was both fun and educational and just an interesting way to teach grammar. 

But it has a point in literature, too. If your characters know who did an action, then they should use an appropriate subject. But if not, then sure, let people think it’s zombies. Just keep the flamethrowers on hand.

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