The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Writing!

opened music sheet book on top of upright piano
Photo by Louis Smith

I’ve already talked about Fantastic Inspiration for your writing, but what about when you’re actually writing. 

My Inspiration playlist.

There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions when it comes to sounds around you while writing. Music, TV, low coffee shop muttering, nature, or silence. Either way, we all need the right background noise, or lack thereof, to help us focus. They set the right ambience to let our creativity flow and boost our inspiration while we in the “zone”.

I find music is the best when I’m writing. Empowering, emotional, raging. Whatever I need to get the right feeling for the scene. I prefer instrumental when I need to concentrate on the writing itself, but anything goes when I’m brainstorming. I have playlists for each book/series plus a general “inspiration” playlist. I have YouTube and Spotify playlists, but I sometimes like to take a pause and watch one of the videos to the music on YT. Each chapter has a link to the music I felt most inspired it as I was writing. I even name my chapters based on said music.

But I get the appeal of other sounds, too. 

Coffee shops are fun to get that feeling of a “writer” based on what many people think we do all day. Writing and coffee tend to be strongly associated. So why lose yourself in the puffs of steaming coffee machines and casual humming of conversation. 

TV might just create that sense of distant sound without setting any kind of mood. I have the TV on right now for background sound, but my main focus is on this post. 

Silence. I can’t do silence. I can switch off the artificial noise and just listen to the world outside. Birds tweeting makes me feel in touch with nature and is great for when I’m writing about connections to magic just like how I feel with nature sometimes. 

Don’t forget the soundtrack to your writing, whatever that entails.

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