Down the Rabbit Hole!!!

Watercolor, Alice In Wonderland, Alice, Fantasy
Image by AnnaliseArt at Pixaby

While thanking a writing buddy of mine for his critique on my latest chapter, I ranted about how the story behind the book was a deeply personal one. He was very much aware of this already so it wasn’t a surprise how deep this particular story goes for me. 

He responded with “The only thing better than writing a song for revenge is writing a book.” I burst out laughing thinking that now I’m a literary Taylor Swift writing about the people I felt hurt me in life. “Trouble” came to mind. 

But it also felt like a compliment to my creativity in that I could use these experiences to write a potentially great book. When I started the book, I wasn’t in the best place. I’d fallen down a rabbit hole and got lost in Wonderland expect it was less like a fantastical adventure in a pretty world of technicolour and more like a nightmarish realm of darkness. More like “Return to Oz,” with flying monkeys attacking me and a witch with a hundred different heads. 

story book on gray surface
Photo by Annie Spratt

Funnily enough, Wonderland and Oz hold a lot of memories from reading about Alice and Dorothy as a child. They are two of my favourite series. These characters get dragged from their happy world down holes or spinning tornadoes and dropped in these magical places with evil queens and witches and wizards who end up tricking and using them. Alice should have chopped off the Queen’s head, and Dorothy did Oz a favour dropping the house on the wicked witch. 

I get it. Life is sometimes unrecognisable and scary. So I decided to lay it all out in words hoping others might read and relate. But also, it came from a dream (surprise) that I used as the inspiration for the fantasy aspects of the story.

I’m throwing everything I can into this, and it feels great to release it all like therapy. I’m not sure what the people I based the characters on will think of the final story. Honestly, I don’t care. This is my story, my interpretation of events, my adaptation of when I fell down my rabbit hole to make into fantasy fiction. The work of a true fantasist.

Funny how I found my truest voice in the depths of my emotional pain. Where will you find yours?

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