Summer Staycation!!!

black framed Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on top of book
Photo by Link Hoang

Summer is going to be rough this year. Many of us are on an extended break, or unemployed due to Covid-19 cutbacks. It sucks. It really does. 

But there are lots of us who have a wildly creative side to lose ourselves in when things get tough. Use this time to your advantage and throw every spare minute into your art. You’ll never have a better opportunity. 

Not sure what to write? Who cares right now?

Why not try something different and make it more personal? My Shufflers story is all about fantasising Covid-19. Sure, it’s not publish-worthy, but it’s something fun based on my Covid-19 experience, plus, a new style for me.

Keep job hunting (this was me last year) and whatever else you need to do, but in the meantime, write your little heart out. Write until you have no words left. Write while you can. Make a plan. Stick to it. Don’t stick to it. Just do what you can while you can and don’t waste what time you have to write. You never know what wondering things you find you’re capable of.

Last summer, I broke my foot and was stuck inside most of the time. I also had some other medical issues so I wasn’t feeling my usual writing inspiration. But I still wrote. I wrote short pieces and made some collections, which I might try and get published or released as an anthology. I started a blog which has become a new outlet for me. I reworked outlines and built on my Scrivener files for my WIPs. I found new sources to help with my work like new inspirational music. I thought I’d lost that summer of writing, but looking back, I got far more done than I realised at the time. 

Doing these things gave me time to work on my writing skills and branch out rather than limiting myself to one style and one form of writing. I’ve since turned this site into a sort of blog. Plus I write more flash fiction, lyrical, and poetic pieces. I’m a well-rounded writer now who would still be finding her voice in the same story. You can’t find a voice if you keep saying the same words over and over.

We’re all in unchartered territory here, so plot your course to include some luscious islands of creativity. Or better yet, float away completely to a fantastical island in the sky. 

Commission: Flying Islands
FrankAtt at Deviantart

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