Woah! Spam Comments!

Paper, Shredder, Flakes, Recycling, Cut, Shredded Paper
Image by Fill atPixabay

I feel a mini rant coming on. 😈

Little disclaimer here so I don’t upset WordPress or its loyal users: I love this platform, and I’m not moaning at WP. This rant is aimed at irresponsible users who WP has accounted for as best they can. 

So I discovered spam comments on WordPress today. Don’t ask me how I missed that since I like to look at the site stats. But there I was, checking for comment in the sidebar. I usually get popups or email notifications so I never go to the comments page. But today, I did. 

OMFG… Soooooo many spam comments. Most of them were hilariously vague or obviously advertising. But all had links to very suspicious websites or none at all and were ranting about Aloe Vera or some other product that wasn’t even related to the post. Someone wanted me to tattoo my info on my dog. I mean… I don’t even like the thought of chipping animals, but I understand the reasoning and it’s over quickly. Imagine tattooing a dog. That’s just unnecessary pain. 

One person made me laugh with telling me they were following my blog, but they weren’t even in the list. No mention of something unique to my blog so I’m pretty sure it’s nonsense. And another moaned about there not being a contact page and could I contact them directly. Well.. here’s my CONTACT page with a button always at the top, so I don’t know where you were looking, dude.

And now I feel a little better. Thanks WordPress for sending these to spam and sorry to anyone whose comments were genuine. You can comment again and I’ll approve it if you want.

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