A little poem from my random Bursts of Words collection. I once had a collection of pearls in an iridescent shell. Each one contained a piece of my heart. Some I wore on a necklace when I needed them while others were safe away from the cruel world. They shimmered in the sunlight and broughtContinue reading “Pearlescent”

Let Me Hate You

A little poem from my random Bursts of Words collection. Tell me you need me and that you care. Let me hear you say I’m your superstar, your favourite. Take all I offer and more. Give me all you are and will be. Take my passion. Steal my creativity and inspiration. Use me, then throwContinue reading “Let Me Hate You”

Organised Creativity and Creative Organisation!

I bought a beautiful planner. I used to buy one at Christmas, but since I started teaching, I’ve bought one in August in time for the new academic year. It got me thinking how there is creativity in organisation.  My computer backgrounds alternate in themes from fantasy images, character inspiration, nature and space. Every timeContinue reading “Organised Creativity and Creative Organisation!”

You’ve Completed Your First Draft, Now What?

No matter how many times I do it, completing that first draft brings a sense of euphoria I can’t quite describe. It’s like winning the first race on sports day. Sure you have more to go, but at the end of the day, you have that one winning medal. I’ve drafted my pentalogy, and bookContinue reading “You’ve Completed Your First Draft, Now What?”