How’s the Violin Practice Going?

Original Photo of my shiny violin. No, I can’t play the Indiana Jones theme, but I had a good laugh trying. 

Awesome. Like, seriously. I sound terrible, but I’m having soooooo much fun with it. I think I missed my musical calling with this one. Lol. Maybe not quite. I bought it back in September but didn’t really start regular practice until mid-December, so it’s been a month of more dedicated practice.

I started off with learning a bad bowing technique for me, even though it was from a professional violinist. But I watched a great video just after the Christmas break, and I found that technique much better. Or maybe it was how the violinist described it. It’s hard to know with online videos. Anyway, it worked in the sense that I can hear an instant difference in my sound. 

Here’s the video by Lindsey Stirling. I came across one of her Christmas songs a while back, but didn’t think to check out her other stuff. A couple of friends were into her, and I kinda dipped in and out of listening to her music. But since I started wiring Out of Ashes, about a struggling violinist, Lindsey’s on all my writing playlists along with The Piano Guys who I’ve been listening to for a couple of years now. They have something for each WIP’s mood.

The inspiration for my opening scene in Out of Ashes.

I’m not new to music, so playing a new instrument isn’t like starting from a complete beginner. Sure, it’s a new technique and entirely new sound and motions, but I understand enough about using your body to make sounds from playing my flute. This time, it’s not with my breath, but with sliding a bow. 

The finger placement, however, is much harder. With the flute, you place one finger on one key, and it doesn’t need to move to any other key. But like the piano, my fingers jump about. They jump strings as well as notes within the section for that finger. I mean, it’s like 3 notes on each string for each finger, but it’s still super hard for a beginner to remember which section is for which finger and how to move long the string or jump strings for the next note.

I’m figuring it out surprisingly quickly now than I’ve got the hang of what goes where. But… there’s the bow. Even with my more fluid technique, I’m forever catching the adjacent string and messing up the sound. Why they have to be so close, I will never know. Stupid bridge needs to be more curved for a bigger arc between strings, if you ask me. 

Anyway, I’m doing well with my progress. I can play Silent Night and Oogway Ascends from Kung Fu Panda, which is originally by Hans Zimmer, but it was the Piano Guys who inspired me to try this song on my flute. I can’t hit the two highest notes on my flute, but I’m doing much better with the top notes on my violin.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this creative breakthrough since this website is all about creativity. Maybe I’ll share a very screechy snippet soon, purely for a progress report.

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