Happy Caturday!

What does this have to do with wiring? I hear you ask. Not much. Just me sharing my sometimes helpful, sometimes unhelpful writing assistants. 

Let’s start with Tiger Lily, my first cat I had on my own. I got her two weeks after I moved into my flat, and the only reason I waited that long was because I’d planned a trip to England and didn’t want to get a kitten just to leave it with my Dad for a week. That’s silly.

Anyway, Tiger Lily likes to lord (or is it lady?) herself over everyone by being on the highest spot. She has a regal air about her, but then acts like a derp when a toy is involved, usually my hair ties. She’s wonderful and loves to sleep on my chest or sit next to me when I’m working at my desk. She’s helpful like that.

Then there’s Tinkerbell. She’s my COVID quarantine kitty from spring 2020. I follow two local animal protection services and saw her in need. Poor thing was terrified and hid under my spare bed for the first few days. She only came out when I had a toy. She let me pet her, but only for a minute or so. But if I slept in the spare room, she snuggled with me. Once she discovered the rest of the flat and met Tiger Lily, she became much friendlier and would sleep on my lap after lunch. Lily liked her, and that was good enough for me.

Cleopatra, Cleo for short, was a similar situation to Tinks. She was abandoned and a bit of a mess. She had a broken paw, which was infected and had cuts and scrapes all over. I was only supposed to be fostering her, but she was so friendly and cuddly. The first few weeks, she never left my side. She was in and out of the vet hospital because of the leg and ear infection, but we got that all fixed. I caught her and Tinks snuggling in my old dog’s bed together. And I knew I’d find it hard to separate them. So I adopted her, too, because I’m a sucker. 

All my girls get on really well together now, and Tiger Lily either plays with the kittens or glares at them as if the say, “Fuck off. I’m not in the mood.” We all snuggle together at night, and they sit near or on me if I’m on the sofa or at my desk. 

So between my three girls, they make sure I get my writing done, but also that I get a break.

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