When Darkness Falls

Enjoy another piece from my Embracing Darkness collection.

There is so much light that it blinds me, burning my skin like the midday sun. It comforts me and wraps me in safety like a blanket of warmth. I grew in this light like evergreens feeding off the sun. Always there to pick me up when I fell, always there to tell stories when I was uninspired. 

A life of such war and peace that I feel my life is worthless. A life I cannot compare to. A life of a family I may never know yet I can feel through her words. A story of love I have not experienced.

Yet the light is a fickle thing and I reject it now my light has been snuffed out. Rapture may reach for me yet it is the darkness I crave. Darkness is real and true. Darkness blackens a soul. 

So unrecognisable that I do not believe the soul is familiar. It is nothing but an empty vessel that I do not want to acknowledge. Life is gone. Darkness has taken it.

Image by Enrique Meseguer at Pixabay 


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