Unravelling Writing Advice – Show Don’t Tell!

Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. Firstly, what is “tell” and what is “show?” Telling – He was tired.  Showing – His limbs became heavy, and his eyelids fluttered. Okay, so that was a quick example. But you get the point. The first example outright tells us how he feels whereas the second describesContinue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – Show Don’t Tell!”

Unravelling Writing Advice – How Often To Write!

Introducing my new series Unravelling Writing Advice where I explain how the advice works and adapts for every writer. Most of the advice I’ve seen talks about weekly goals and daily writing schedules. It helps keep you organised and motivated. Without regular goals, your writing time can get lost in the haze that is theContinue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – How Often To Write!”

One Thought

Just about every writer gets writer’s block sometimes. This is how my overactive brain overcomes it One thought, one word, one line. The letters roll on. They might as well be nothing. Blankness. That damn line is flashing its condescension at me. It knows. It sees the chaos in my mind. I hate the thing,Continue reading “One Thought”

Epilogues Are NOT the Same as a Final Chapter!

I recently did a post on prologues, and a writing friend (check her out here) asked about epilogues. So here are my thoughts… Epilogues are no different than prologues, just at the end. They need to serve a purpose outside the main story otherwise they might as well be the final chapter. Like my prologues,Continue reading “Epilogues Are NOT the Same as a Final Chapter!”

Don’t Hate on My Prologue Just Because You Hate Prologues!

I’ve read an array of fiction, mostly fantasy or sci-fi, with prologues. I tend not to be impressed by half of them. They feel like info dumps or pointless backstory that could be weaved into early chapters as the reader needs to know them. And it affects my own prologues while questioning other authors’ motivesContinue reading “Don’t Hate on My Prologue Just Because You Hate Prologues!”

Writing Outside your Wheelhouse!

Do it. Seriously, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see how deeply you can dig. It doesn’t have to be a whole novel. It could be a short story or an occasional POV in a bigger story.  This is NOT about sensitivity or political correctness. This is about tolerance and understanding beyond what we’veContinue reading “Writing Outside your Wheelhouse!”

First Chapters Are the Worst!

Quick announcement: I’ve been on blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks due to losing a close family friend. It’s left us all deeply shocked and upset. I’m not sure if I’ll be back to regular posting just yet, but this particular post if more for a writing buddy of mine. I started it aContinue reading “First Chapters Are the Worst!”