One Thought

Weather, Thunderstorm, Flash, Light, Bolt, Storm, Cloud

Just about every writer gets writer’s block sometimes. This is how my overactive brain overcomes it

One thought, one word, one line.

The letters roll on.

They might as well be nothing.


That damn line is flashing its condescension at me.

It knows.

It sees the chaos in my mind.

I hate the thing, hate what its stillness means, but it rolls on. 

More nothing.

Wild thoughts slap away my reach for solace.

Peace evades my every attack and taunts me.

I’d found peace in so many words, comforting solace that hid reality.

Attacking peace.

I laugh at the notion now.

What was I thinking?


Chaos is what I am, and I will wield it as I see fit.

Spill the chaos onto the page, swirl it around until it becomes my voice, my art. Creation is all I have.

I mould and build anew what I break down. 

It is my world, and I am its goddess.

Contact me on Discord for info about my writing ranting group for struggling writers. @lovefantasy#0367

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 


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