Unravelling Writing Advice – How Often To Write!

Introducing my new series Unravelling Writing Advice where I explain how the advice works and adapts for every writer.

Most of the advice I’ve seen talks about weekly goals and daily writing schedules. It helps keep you organised and motivated. Without regular goals, your writing time can get lost in the haze that is the rest if your life. Many writers do it as a second job or as a very serious pastime. Either way, writing is our passion, our drive, our outlet.

I’m lucky in that I don’t work particularly long hours, so I write most days around the same time. That’s because my creativity is at its best during my morning coffee or in the evening after dinner. I live alone, apart from my very adorable cats, and I have little else to do before and after my day job.

Not everyone has this luxury. Whether it’s finding the time or the brain power, you should be realistic about your writing goals. Make them, by all means, but bear in mind that missing goals can feel discouraging. Ask yourself when is the best time to write and how often. There’s no point in planning daily writing sprints or X amount of words if you can’t reach them. 

It didn’t take much trial and error to find the best schedule for me. But there are those difficult times when life gets in the way and the writer’s block hits. It’s okay to pause the goals and let yourself deal with life so you can come back with a fresh mind. It’s also good to take regular breaks from daily writing.

Writing is my passion, one I spend just about every day on. That doesn’t mean I type away in my document for all that time. There are also various things that are part of writing without actually writing. Outlining, brainstorming, research, chatting with other writers. These all add to your writing experience as well as help build a great story.

Make a writing schedule that suits you, adapt when it doesn’t work, but don’t let lapsed goals get you down.

Image by Devanath from Pixabay 


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