Month: April 2021

  • Screw Book Purists!

    Screw Book Purists!

    With the release of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, I got to thinking how huffy some readers get when a great book makes it to the screen. Book to TV or film adaptations are getting a bad rep with book purists. Well… great stories should NOT be limited to one medium. I’m all for books. […]

  • Writing Has Ruined My Reading!

    Writing Has Ruined My Reading!

    Warning: This gets ranty. But since this blog is about ranting… Also, shout out to my writing buddy T-Rex who prompted this post. How he puts up with my rants, I’ll never know.  As I mentioned in First Chapters Are the Worst, I’ve found more and more books go against what I’ve learned as a […]

  • Unravelling Writing Advice – When to Hire and Editor!

    Unravelling Writing Advice – When to Hire and Editor!

    Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. I’ve never hired an editor, and there’s a reason for that. Let me explain… When it comes to hiring editors, I’ve discovered there are three types of writer. The writer who gets an editor before they’ve finished their WIP or pays an editor even though they plan to […]