Month: May 2021

  • Harsh Critiques!

    Harsh Critiques!

    I’ve had mixed experiences with giving and receiving critiques. I try to be honest and encouraging and have many great writing buddies do the same for me. But one thing that bothers me is when people I don’t know critique my work with zero encouragement or when others talk about wanting “harsh” crits or “tear […]

  • Read Terrible Books!

    Read Terrible Books!

    Yes, I recommend reading terrible books. Why, you ask? Because it helps you learn what not to do as a writer. And that’s even better than learning what to do. It’s highly subjective what to do a how to write. I doubt any two writers will agree on everything even if they agree in general.  […]

  • Therapeutic Writing!

    Therapeutic Writing!

    As it’s mental health month, I thought that now is as good a time as any to talk about how writing can be therapeutic. Living with a mental illness sucks, and I get overwhelmed with emotions easily. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel and why, so I get to writing. I write short pieces […]

  • Unravelling Writing Advice – 1st POV Isn’t Automatically Closer Than 3rd.

    Unravelling Writing Advice – 1st POV Isn’t Automatically Closer Than 3rd.

    Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. This is something that bugs me when so-called “experienced” writers claim that 1st POV is more effective emotionally than 3rd. Well, yes… but no. Let me explain. 1st pronouns might make a POV feel more effective depending on the reader, but if you want to make that emotional […]