What a Difference a Phone Makes, 64 Little Pixels!

What a Difference a Phone Makes, 64 Little Pixels!

Disclosure: This is mostly a rant bout my new phone, which is too much fun not to talk about. Also, I have no incentive to rave about any of the phones mentioned below.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with writing. For me, a lot. My phone is my life. Writing is a huge part of my life, so it makes sense that my phone plays a part in it.

I loved my Samsung A6. It did more than I needed to when I first bought it, but I started using social media for my writing, and I found it lacking after 3 years, which is fine since that’s a very good age for a phone. 

My new phone is the Xiaomi 11 lite 5g. I love it too. Being newer, it instantly did a few things my old phone didn’t, like connect to my car’s display for maps. My old phone only connected the audio. 

Writing isn’t just about writing. It’s about community and support and encouragement between writers. One way I do this is through social media. Discord, Booktok, bookstagram, and Facebook groups are great places to meet established or upcoming authors.

It’s also a fun place to share book reviews through photos and videos or my excitement over my latest reads. Plus, cosplaying my favourite characters or my own characters for added fun. 

Turns out, I love cosplay, especially when crowns or tiaras are involved, but I also love steampunk hats and goggles.

Whether I want to share writing progress or silly videos, a good camera makes all the difference. 

The 1st photo is from my old phone, and the 2nd from my new phone. Yes, they look similar at a glance, but when I’m scrolling through the images on my phone and close view, I can see the difference in the colours, the quality of videos, and the fluidity of the motion.

My new phone not only has a much better quality camera but way more storage for video drafts on my social media apps and my Capcut. I highly recommend Capcut for quick and easy video editing on your phone. It’s free.

I made this is 20 minutes with some Pinterest images. Capcut also links to TikTok sounds, including your favourites if you want to sync to specific music. I recommend adding the sound again when you post otherwise it comes up as your sound without linking the original sound. 

Faster apps save precious time and make it easier to flip between them. I often write posts on my phone, especially the shorter ones that get posted on social media. Then I have my hashtags in OneNote, plus I have to upload to TikTiik, Instagram, and Facebook separately for videos. I need various apps to open to copy text and hashtags without slowing my phone down.

I cannot rave enough about rings. No, not jewellery. I mean finger support rings on your phone. Some are static, but some twist and rotate. I got almost the exact same phone cover as my previous phone because I loved it so much. But I prefer the new one. It’s slimmer. I’m not normally a pink person, but I love sparkly accessories. 

Other ways my phone makes my life easier or more fun.

  • I also use my phone for work stuff since we use GDrive for storage. 
  • Supermarket apps save me a few euros with coupons and save paper with e-receipts. 
  • Busy weeks and long days mean I have to plan my meals, so I save my plan in OneNote along with my shopping list.
  • Dual apps allow me to have personal accounts and writing accounts without having to log out and log back in again.
  • Book apps. I love Kindle and Audible, but a few friends send me arcs in epub which I save to my Google Books.
  • I absolutely adore Google Home which connects to my Tapo smart plugs and has personalised routines for when I have to get up early. It switches on my lights, tells me the weather, then plays an energising YouTube playlist to get me moving.

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