Book Review – House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas – 4.5 stars

Warning: Review contains minor spoilers. Opening comments are spoiler-free.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The ending was 5 stars, but the whole book loses points for what felt like a long haul for the first 500 pages. Worth it though.

In book 1, Bryce and Hunt survived a demon attack on the city, ark angels manipulating them, and discovering her best friend, Danika, had kept so many secrets before her untimely death. Now Bryce has to keep a low profile despite everyone knowing she’s the Autumn King’s daughter and a starborn princess.

I love how this series is different from Sarah’s other works. It’s grittier and a more adult style (but has plenty of adult immaturity) and the sense of the modern world in the fantasy setting. It gives it a sci-fi /urban fantasy element. 

The start was a bit of a slog. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get into it properly, but when things picked up, I knew it was worth it. I love the new POVs on top of Bryce, Hunt, and Ruhn, and I like how we delve more into the world. I always love worldbuilding. 

There are lots of surprises in this and a few twists, some made me laugh and others made me cry.

Now for minor, or non-specific, no-name, potential spoilers, so read on with caution.

What I liked…

I love when the characters discovered new things with their magic and that it was also part of the bigger story.

The fire sprites and the dragon added another fun element to the story and led the main characters to another discovery.

Night and Daybright.OMFG, I knew it. I just knew it. This couple was definitely my favourite in this book.

Bryce and Hunt get super spicy, and it was worth the wait.

The last scene. Just that scene alone had me laughing at the sheer brilliance of it.

What I didn’t like…

Silly nitpick thing but… My physics brain exploded at Cormack’s dismissal of his power being like wormholes and teleportation. Which is it? They are NOT the same thing. And speaking while teleporting…. Me thinks not. 

POV defining wasn’t well established in quite a few scenes, so I got a few paragraphs in before I worked out who’s mind we were in. 

The one thing I find frustrating with all of Sarah’s books is that POV characters keep secrets from the readers as well as from the other characters. I let it go in book 1 with Bryce’s power because she kept jumping back to a memory that hinted at it. But in this one, she keeps a pretty significant secret from the other characters and the readers. Not impressed.

I think I missed something because it was a little on the boring side at times. 

Final thoughts…

Book 1 didn’t make it to my favourites lists, but Sarah made me love the characters and their journeys, so I was invested and wanted book 2. Also, when things picked up towards the end of book 2, I found myself getting very emotional.

This is how it made me feel…


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