Book Review – Glint by Reven Kennedy 4.5 stars

Book Review – Glint by Reven Kennedy 4.5 stars

Warning: May contain spoilers, but opening comments are spoiler-free. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

At the end of Gild, Auren was in the clutches of Fourth Kingdom’s commander and his army. But Commander Rip isn’t what the world believes, and Auren has her own secrets to keep from the world after accidentally revealing her powers to save herself and one of Midas’ other saddles.

I absolutely love this series so far. It has a “Tangled” feel to it with a prisoner who doesn’t realise she’s a prisoner until a dark and broody male comes along and gives her a taste of freedom. This is definitely a character-driven story but has a bigger plot going on, which is my ideal story.

What I liked…

Auren’s realisations over her relationship with Midas feel quite natural considering their history and hers before she met him. She takes a while to process and accept it.

I’m glad we get more clarity on Auren’s magic and her past in this book since it was too vague for my liking at the end of book 1.

Then end… No spoilers on that, but wow. I did not see that coming, and I’m desperate for the next book.

What I didn’t like…

There was a smidge too much fluff for my liking, which slowed the story, but I only knocked off half a star so it didn’t stop me enjoying it. 

Final thoughts…

An amazing book 2 of The Plated Prisoner series that left me wanting to see how things evolve between Auren, Rip, and Midas. Book 3 is calling.

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