Writing Ranting – Why am I not published yet?

Writing Ranting – Why am I not published yet?

This isn’t a rant about how I should be published by now, even though I really should be🤣. It’s an explanation as to why I’m not published already. I also hope to clarify that writing and publishing a book is not a short process. That being said, it can be a fun one if you have the right approach, no matter how long it takes.

Firstly, I started writing novels seven years ago after a wild dream that I just had to get down. I’d studied media with creative writing modules back in the day, so I had some background on writing and thought it would be a fun free-time project.

Secondly, I took the craft seriously and bought a few books on writing, started following some writing advice, and joined an online critique group where I learned so much more.

However, I was NOT prepared for everything it took to write a novel. It didn’t help that my project became so much bigger than planned. At least I didn’t expect to be published within a year. New writers don’t get published that quickly unless they’re writing on the shorter side and have the right contacts to get them published. I was looking at 100+k per book, so that ain’t gonna be done within a year.

I do NOT regret taking this time to draft that series even though it took me well over a year, then another year to revise it because I’d pantsed the first draft. I learned a lot writing that series with all the changes, the planning of the 2nd draft, the rethinking the bigger picture all while honing my writing skills. Critique partners helped me a lot with this as I learned what kind of writer I wanted to be.

After starting a couple of other projects that got off to a much better start, I took a break for close to a year because of life stuff. When I came back from said break, I had a whole new idea for my debut novel, which is now ready to go through the publishing process. Unfortunately, my queries have all been rejected so far. I had a couple of requests from more, which made me feel good, but ultimately got rejected too,

Self-publishing is expensive, and to cut corners would risk my reputation before I’ve established myself as an author. I hope to save up for this next year if I don’t get an agent, and am leaning more towards this as my best option since I’m getting a good following on social media and feel confident I can market a book myself. 

My point of this whole post is that I didn’t want to rush to publish a sub-par book, but it also costs to publish, so that has added to the timeframe. But I refuse to leave it too much longer. I have made the decision that if I haven’t been picked up by an agent by the time I’ve saved up to self-publish (which could be up to another year) then I’ll start the self-publishing process. I’m lucky in that I’m on a couple of writing groups with people who know abot this, and I’ve also done extensive research on it and saved various websites with links to editors, book cover art, proofreaders etc. 

P.S Since I started writing this post, I’ve had an offer from a publisher (not an agent) so I’m super excited about that. However, there are mixed opinions on them, so I have to think carefully about it. 

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