Random Ranting – Forty and Fabulous

Random Ranting – Forty and Fabulous

I turned 40 today. I’m excited about this milestone in my life since I feel settled but also have future plans to keep my life interesting. Also, my parents bought me a fancy new laptop with a Ryzen 7 processor and 12gb ram, and yes I know what that means since I used to work in tech. I love it already and I’m still setting it up. 

Writing has been a huge part of my life for close to seven years now. I keep getting confused as to the exact year I started, but when I checked the dates of my original WIPs, it was late June 2015 which was also the year I bought my flat. 

Having already settled into my new career as an English language teacher (I started just as I turned 30), I was missing a creative outlet in my life. After a series of vivid dreams, I started writing and learning and evolving until I had written 500k words and had the basis for a decent story.

Another decade of life and I have a WIP ready for the publication process. ANd I’ve pretty much decided to self-publish. It’s cheaper than I thought and I can cover the marketing myself through social media.

Life is hard to face in some ways with my ageing parents who have had serious health issues in recent years, but I’m trying to be positive about the things I can control. I spent a good while falling apart over all the things I had zero control over, and while I still worry for my parents and get upset, I find ways to pick myself up so I can be a happier person and more helpful and more devoted if I feel better in myself.

So 40 is pretty good for the most part. I do what I need to for myself, which includes making time for others when I can. 

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