Writing Ranting – Helping Other Writers! Part 1

There are lots of ways writers can support one another. 

  • Sharing WIPs for feedback
  • Brainstorming
  • Helping through writer’s block and imposter syndrome
  • Sharing about their books on social media
  • Reviewing published books (ARCs)

I try to do all of these things for those I can, and after a blip in my helpfulness, I’m now back to doing what I can. 

Writing groups are amazingly helpful, which I’ll cover next week since that’s a much longer rant.

Booktok and Bookstagram are amazing places to find that next great read and learn what modern readers are interested in. I only buy books I think I’ll like based on a combination of the blurb, reviews, and who is recommending it. It’s also a great place to find out what readers love or hate in books in terms of tropes, covers, authors’ behaviour, and sensitive content. It’s important to listen to potential readers if you want to grab their attention with your book.

I’m currently reading a book by a writerly friend I met through Critique Cirlce a few years ago. She published her first book early this year and is about to publish her third. Due to personal stresses, I haven’t been reading physical books, so I’m still on her second. Eeek. Then I remembered that Google Books reads epub files and has a “read aloud” option. She kindly sent me the epub, and I’m sailing through it now. 

Being an ARC reader is so much fun. I get free books in exchange for an honest review. I only read books I think I will enjoy, just as I would when buying books. It wouldn’t be fair to accept an ARC just because it’s free, then not enjoy it and give a low rated review. 


3 thoughts on “Writing Ranting – Helping Other Writers! Part 1

  1. I happen to be that writer and I’m very grateful to Emilia for the help she’s given me. Guinevere: The Sword, book three of the Guinevere series, out on May 31st.

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