Writing Update – Out of Ashes, My Debut Novel!

I’m so excited to be publishing this book after almost 3 years. It’s taken this long because I wanted to get it right. It’s been critiqued, had beta readers, been revised a million times in between, then queried and rejected. Okay, so I had a couple of requests for the full manuscript but was ultimately rejected due to the fierce market. 

I 100% get it. Agents aren’t going to put time and effort into something that doesn’t click with them, no matter the marketable potential. At least the personalised rejections reflected this. I got an offer from a hybrid publisher, but the costs were about the same as to self-publish, and the royalties weren’t that great considering. So I decided to self-publish and just work out the finances as I go. Some major monthly payments will finish next month, so I’ll have that money to put towards publishing. Finally.

A graphic design buddy is working on a cover for me, and I’ve found a very reasonable editor with great reviews and references. I’ll be sharing all updates on my blog and new Out of Ashes page.


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