3 Tips For Choosing You’re Next 5 Star Read

I’ve been getting super frustrated with people complaining about books they didn’t like that they found via social media. But what’s super annoying is that they didn’t even look beyond the recommendation. I admit I’ve had a few disappointments myself, but I genuinely thought I’d like those based on mutual tastes and reviews. 

Despite a few failures, I’ve given mostly 4 and 5 stars in the past couple of years because I did all the things below.

  1. Don’t just accept a recommendation. Look at the blurb on Goodreads or through the official author’s website.
  2. Reviews. Read a range of ratings for a full picture and lean more towards people with similar tastes. I read a low, mid and high review for a full picture.
  3. Read an ebook sample even if you plan to buy the physical book. All ebook apps have them, so there’s no excuse to complain about a writer’s style or tone when you can read the opening chapters for free.

I hope this helps other find their 5 star books and we can all enjoy the books written with readers like us in mind.


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