Book Review – Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton – 4 stars

Warning: May contain minor spoilers, but opening comments are spoiler-free. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more.

If book 1 was hard to read in traumatic content, then this was a serious struggle. I had to skip a couple of scenes but I was too invested to stop. Addie goes through a lot in the beginning, but it becomes a story of healing and taking her life into her own hands. 

What I liked…

I still love how Addie and Zade’s minds work. They’re such a curious couple that sound horribly wrong in reality, but when I adjust my thinking to match theirs… they just work.

I love how Addie didn’t give up and fought every minute in this book, for her freedom, her recover, and her happiness. 

I love how Addie wanted to get her own revenge and help take the trafficking ring down. 

What I didn’t like…

Things got a bit silly and overdone towards the end with the declarations of love.

I felt that the epilogue should have actually been the last chapter since the official last chapter ended with something unrelated to Addie and Zade. I think it relates to the book set before these two, which I didn’t read, but this is Addie and Zade’s story and should end properly with them. 

Final thoughts…

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this story having heard some scary things about it. But I’m not one to shy away just because it’s a dark story. 

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