Writing Ranting – Publishing Checklist – Marketing

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway.

  • Edit manuscript to publication standard.
  • Design book cover.
  • Marketing.
  • Make my book available for sale. 

I’m mostly using social media (mainly TikTok) to market my book but also YouTube and my author website. Everywhere, really. I’ve found a bunch of ways to make fun videos for free either using in-app filters and effects or templates. 

  • Aesthetic videos – mostly images and music.
  • Me talking about the book – I use my mock cover for visual.
  • Cosplay my own character – because why not?

CapCut offers a bunch of free effects and is super easy to use on your phone or tablet. It links to your favourite sounds from TikTok or automatically adds the sound if it’s a template. When I see a video with the “use this template” option, I save it immediately and add my own images or videos in the CapCut app.

I also have Clipchamp on my laptop, which also has a ton of free templates, effects, and background sounds. It’s sometimes easier on my PC but it doesn’t have an Android app. Still, it’s better for working with pre-recorded videos while CapCut is easier with images for me.

I’m also saving all of these videos in my Instagram stories so anyone can check out all my promo videos for Out of Ashes in one place. I might also load a few to YouTube just to help spread the word.

I’ll be asking for ARC readers in a couple of weeks and sending them out in the new year. They read the book then leave a review either on Goodreads or Amazon. You can only leave a review on Amazon from release day. They might also share on their social media to, which will also be helpful.


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