ARC Sign-up for Out of Ashes

Emilia Dashfire

Want an ARC for my debut novel? Sign up for this gothic fantasy with the form below.

I will be sharing it as an Epub, Mobi, and PDF. If these don’t suit you, please request the file type and I’ll try to accommodate.

Note: The official release date is 14th of February 2023, but take your time, and I hope you enjoy the book. The book is just under 300 pages.

See below for the blurb and trigger warnings.

She once rejected her magic, but now her life depends on it.

After being left destitute, working for Nathanial is a dream-come-true for Clair. He’s charming, flirtatious, and a warlock who encourages the use of magic while most shun it. But when a witch-killer attacks Clair and her best friend, Scarlett, Clair is forced to release the magic she once locked away.

As Nathanial guides her magic with the power of…

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