Out of Ashes Cover Reveal

This is technical reading and writing ranting because it’s about the proof copy of my book and the official cover reveal.

Emilia Dashfire

I’m not going to lie. I was so emotional opening this and wanted to make a video of my reactions and thoughts. 

Here are the things I liked…

  • My first thought was how perfect the spine was. I was genuinely proud of my amazing layout skills.
  • The back was also perfectly lined up.
  • The feel of the matte cover. It’s like velvet.
  • I love the size of the book. I purposely got that size to match certain books I love so it’s a standard size.

What I have to fix…

  • Some of the cloudy smoke at the top of the cover and on the back was barely visible, so I’m going to have to make it more intense for the printed copy.
  • I can’t explain it, but the cover text felt off being so close to the edges. I already made it a fraction smaller.

So to sum up, I’m…

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