Fur Babies – Christmas Kitten

Little Miel and Loki (Officially Wanda and Pietro because I started calling them Miel and Loki on social media but had to change the names because those were already in the system) are now both adopted and happy in their new homes.

I picked them up around the 2nd week in November as two very scared but otherwise healthy kittens. It took a while to get them to trust me, but they did really well. They were still nervous, but would come to me for treats and play after a few days. 

Loki got adopted after a few weeks and went to a very calm couple who I knew would be patient with him. After that, little Miel cried a lot, so I let her out of her room in a clear-top pet carrier which she soon started using as her bed. 

For a nervous cat that needed company, it was perfect. My own cats were fine, as always. They’re amazing with all the foster kittens I’ve had since June. 9 in total. Unfortunately, little Nyx, who I had in October, didn’t make it because he had so many problems. But the local vet was amazing in giving him every chance possible.


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