Out of Ashes – A Sneak Peek

Still looking for ARC readers, so I’m sharing the opening chapters of Out of Ashes.

Emilia Dashfire

Less than a month until release day, and I’m sharing the first 3 chapters of my book Out of Ashes for anyone who wants to check it out. Maybe even sign up for an ARC. It’s freeeeeeee. Find the form here or DM me on Instagram or TikTok for more about the book.


  1. Prologue – Elements
  2. 1 – Moontrance
  3. 2 – Fire Within

Prologue – Elements

I dream of raging flames, of wild magic I refuse to embrace, for it is nothing more than a curse to me. So I cast it away and pretend I never held such power.

If there is a worse time to interrupt me than during my evening reading, I cannot think of one as service bells chime from outside my room. Dragging my attention from my book I’ve been lost in, I sigh. The small clock on the table beside me declares there…

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