Writing Ranting – I’m a Real Author Now

I was so nervous sending out my ARCs of Out of Ashes because that’s the final version of the book. That’s what I’m releasing to the public. That’s what people are going to pay for. I wrote about my fears in another post, but since then, I had an ARC reader reach out to me.

I joked about being a “real author” now that someone had added my book to their “want to read” list on Goodreads. A few others have added it too. The ARC reader said that of course I was a real author and not only did she love my book, but she compared it to a few popular books that are relevant right now and some I read. One of which was by an author whose emotive style inspired my own. I was in shock and cried a good while at that after being so scared that everybody would hate it or pick it apart. Hearing that was an immense relief.

Yes, this is only one person, but it meant the world to me since I was feeling a bit low after not getting many ARC readers. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality, right? I just hope more people feel the same way about the book even though I know I can’t please everyone. But now I feel more confident leading up to release day on February 14th.

After this wildly emotional week, I feel like a real author. 


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