Book Review – Their Vicious Darling by Nikki St. Crowe – 5 stars

Warning: May contain minor spoilers, but opening comments are spoiler-free. Check out my Reading Ranting page for more.

I’m hooked (pun intended) on the series and this is the best book so far. 

What I liked…

As usual, I love how Winnie finds and accepts her place in Neverland. 

I definitely feel like the characters have had time to form real bonds now which was lacking for me in the previous books. 

I get answers on Wendy since there were a couple of things that were unclear in the last book. It all makes sens now. 

Croc. Lol. He’s so much fun, and I think… I think… there’s something fun being set up with him for the next book beyond the obvious.

What I didn’t like…

In this one, nothing. 

Final thoughts…

Another wild ride on Neverland. 


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