Happy Birthday to Me – Have My Book for Free

Since it’s my birthday today, I wanted to offer my ebook on KU for 99¢ but when I went to set it up, it would only let me do the free promotion. Since I’m generous and really wanted to have some reader fun, I went with the free day. 

I kept the posts announcing a special offer as a surprise and also a sort of test to see if it’ll get the same attention as last time. I had 27 downloads, which may not have earned me anything, but it was an incentive for more people to check out my book and hopefully share about it. 

A few did, which made me really happy. Sales are slow but still happening. I got 6 in a week last month, and I hope today’s promotion gets some attention. My Goodreads stats shot up during the last promotion with many adding it to their “want to read” list.


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