Writing Ranting – Why You Shouldn’t Publish with Kindle Unlimited!

Was the title of a video on TT. Now, I got some of the points this person was trying to make. But then they mentioned KU was limiting authors if they’re exclusive with one platform…. Well, that’s just gobbledygook. Everybody can get books on Kindle.

For those who don’t know (because I’ve met a few) Amazon make their own Kindle devices that are mostly e-readers with some other apps. But you can get the Kindle app on most tablets and phones and you can buy any book you like without signing up for the subscription.

Kindle Unlimited is like a paid library. You pay 9.99 per month (currency depending) and get to read as many books as you like that are included in the subscription. I think you can have a maximum of 20 books in your app ay any one time, but when you return books, you can download more. 

I also believe that authors who warn against KU are considering their readership and not all readers. The amount of readers I see on social media sharing about KU deals, books included in the subscription, and showing off their Kindle reader stickers proves there’s a huge market for Kindle books. Someone even commented that many of their readers wouldn’t be able to get their books so easily and cheaply if they weren’t on KU.

My mum tried Kindle Unlimited and wasn’t impressed because it didn’t have many interesting books in her preferred genre. Me on the other hand, I enjoy countless books in one subscription since the majority of books I want to read are on KU. It saves me and others a lot of money. Most of the people I follow (who are my readership) rave about KU too and even share when authors are going to have special offer days. I’ve got a few books that way if the book isn’t part of my subscription. Then I share on social media to say thank you.

As an author, I recently posted about my reasons for publishing on Amazon, and using KU was a big reason so I could make my book affordable to my readers. It’s a small effort on my part to make my book available to low earners and do what I can to combat piracy if readers know that they can get my book for free sometimes. 

I weighed the choices long before I published, so when I hit that final button back in February, I knew I was making the right decisions for me and my readership. And it annoys me when authors assume it’s their way or the highway. We all have different intentions and different expectations for our books, and it’s okay to keep things easy and cheap for you.


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