Writing Ranting – Choosing Your Book Cover

This post isn’t about costs or where to get your cover from. It’s purely about the image.

With my debut novel, Out of Ashes, I knew exactly what I wanted the moment I decyto turn a wild dream into a book. I studied media, including graphic design in college and university so I got to work on Photoshop and retaught myself and learned a whole bunch of new stuff. I managed to get the basic image and some effects, but my professional friend finished it off for me. 

I was so happy because not only did I get the exact cover I wanted, but I can say I co-designed it. 

With my next book, The Viper’s Library, I’m stumped. All I know is that it has to have something related to snakes and books, maybe some ice since that’s an ongoing theme. But how it’ll come together, I’m really not seeing anything.

These are the placeholder covers I made in Canva which I like for now, but it’s not really what I want for the series. I definitely want varying colours to distinguish easily between the books. I’m going to try a few things while my book is with beta readers. Maybe I’ll use this as a starting point for inspiration and see where it goes.


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