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Emilia grew up in Cheshire, England, and now lives in her paternal lands on the coast of Galicia, Spain, where she works as an English language teacher. Jumping around to baby shark is her day job, but she moonlights as a fantasy writer and .

Whether it’s reading, making crafts with her students, playing music, or writing her next novel, Emilia loves to lose herself in creative endeavours. She’s a walking contradiction, a Disney princess for her students and an evil queen for her readers.

Any comments, connections, conversations, contemplations and constellations… feel free to contact me via the links below. And check out my Instagram and Tiktok for daily posts.

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Also find me on Discord as LoveFantasy#0367 I have a group for writing ranting with others if anyone wants to join me.

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Summer Staycation!!!

Summer is going to be rough this year. Many of us are on an extended break, or unemployed due to Covid-19 cutbacks. It sucks. It really does.  But there are lots of us who have a wildly creative side to lose ourselves in when things get tough. Use this time to your advantage and throw … Continue reading “Summer Staycation!!!”


Besties, Frenemies, or Nemeses?

I tried to make this writing-related, but honestly, it’s all about my new kitten. Imagine I’m talking about introducing two unpredictable characters or something. Introductions are always important.  Introducing Tinkerbell… I’ve had this little kitty for a couple of weeks now. She was desperately looking for a home after being found on the street. I … Continue reading “Besties, Frenemies, or Nemeses?”

One with Nature!

I saw a moorhen today. Sounds silly maybe, but I do love a little nature. I am a Taurus, an Earth sign, and for all that I’m sceptical of what that means, I know I feel nature all around me. I love it. Click here for a sort of poem about it. Enjoy…

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