Dreams of a Fantasist

So many of my dreams inspire the novels I write, but some just make great flash fiction. Fire and phoenixes and wild magic take over until I wake up and spill it all out in words.

The Mechanical Beast

Check out more from my Dreams of a Fantasist collection. This is silly and fun and based on something real that I’ve made fantastical because I see the fantastical in the most mundane things. Can you guess what it was based on? In the wild, I am the huntress. I prowl the black and grey … Continue reading “The Mechanical Beast”

Take Flight

Another story from Dreams of a Fantasist. The title was inspired by Lyndsey’s track, but the story is a Fantasist original. I run through the battlefield, dodging swinging swords as I go. My weapon long lost, the balance tips further in their favour. Blooded ground stretches out before me until it meets dark mountains beyond. … Continue reading “Take Flight”

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