Embracing Darkness

Whether we admit it or not, we all have a dark side. It’s not easy to hide when our emotions run away with us. Sometimes, the only way to process your own thoughts and feelings is to write them.

Here are some of my darkest thoughts and feelings in words. I’ll be adding more as I post them.



I once walked in the dark, a shadow of the woman I used to be. More shadows followed me, fears and unfulfilled desires. I became the shadows, chasing what I thought I wanted. Time taught me to let go and stop chasing. But now you’re my shadow, watching when I no longer want you. You pushed me over the edge and watched me fall. But I didn’t hit the ground.  I flew despite everything. So you have no right to watch me soar. This is my flight, not yours. And my shadows are far below me as the glorious sun […]


Check out more from my Embracing Darkness series. Through the cold abyss, Darkness whispers.  You’re weak. You don’t deserve friends. You lie.  You’re not good enough. You’re nothing. I cover my ears, hum a happy tune to drown it out.  They hurt you. Hurt them back. No. I won’t.   You’re a vengeful person. Go on, take your revenge. Shut up! You can’t silence me. I’m your worst fears, your nightmares, your pain and suffering. I said, shut up! Do something crazy. Do something to show them how they can’t get away with this. Go away. You can’t fight me. I’m […]

A Fantasy in Darkness

Check out more from my Embracing Darkness series. Darkness consumes me in its obsidian, a welcome relief from the blinding light of day. It wraps me in its coldness, and I let it. A black veil draws closed another day, and here, in my stillness, I have only myself. I am free, yet Darkness traps me in my own imagination. It follows me like a shadow. Never ceases. Never strays. Never stops. Constant thoughts battle in deafening war of truths and lies. They steal the reality of the light and turn them into what I please. Fantasies grown from a […]

When Darkness Falls

Enjoy another piece from my Embracing Darkness collection. There is so much light that it blinds me, burning my skin like the midday sun. It comforts me and wraps me in safety like a blanket of warmth. I grew in this light like evergreens feeding off the sun. Always there to pick me up when I fell, always there to tell stories when I was uninspired.  A life of such war and peace that I feel my life is worthless. A life I cannot compare to. A life of a family I may never know yet I can feel through […]

Stranger in My Brain

Enjoy another piece from my Embracing Darkness collection. There’s a stranger in my brain. She let herself in a while ago. I asked her to leave, but she wouldn’t. Now, she sits there all comfortable with a smug look on her face. She used to stay out of my way, someone in the corner of my eye. Not anymore. There’s a stranger in my brain. She shouts and screams at me. She beats me and leaves me bleeding on the floor. The abusive little bitch kicks me when I’m down and won’t let me get up. I’ve fought back plenty […]

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