Fur Babies

Welcome to my animal page. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bog down the site with my cats or my parent’s dogs, but I’ll share my animal adventures occasionally.

I love animals, especially cats. They’re easy to look after even if you work. My working day is a bit too long for a dog, but not for a cat. My girls are great company since I live alone, and they’re no end of entertainment with their antics.

One of the most rewarding things for me is volunteering at my local cat sanctuary. Every Sunday afternoon, I spend time with cats and kittens that have been abandoned for whatever reason. There are anything from 20 to 50 cats and kittens there, but they’re all looked after. It’s easy work. I do some cleaning to keep the place sanitary, check the food, give medication if necessary, then I get to play with the cats for as long as I like. 

I’ve also fostered some of them. I had four kittens in my spare room back in June 2022 for a few weeks with minor infections. They weren’t contagious, so it wasn’t a problem for my own girls, and once they were healthy, they went back to the sanctuary. And a month later, I had two more. One wasn’t eating properly, and I took her sister for company. Both got adopted. 

Besties, Frenemies, or Nemeses?

I tried to make this writing-related, but honestly, it’s all about my new kitten. Imagine I’m talking about introducing two unpredictable characters or something. Introductions are always important.  Introducing Tinkerbell… I’ve had this little kitty for a couple of weeks now. She was desperately looking for a home after being found on the street. I … Continue reading “Besties, Frenemies, or Nemeses?”


Happy Caturday!

What does this have to do with wiring? I hear you ask. Not much. Just me sharing my sometimes helpful, sometimes unhelpful writing assistants.  Let’s start with Tiger Lily, my first cat I had on my own. I got her two weeks after I moved into my flat, and the only reason I waited that … Continue reading “Happy Caturday!”

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