Music Ranting

I bought a violin at Christmas 2020. I took a couple of months to get the hang of it, and several months to play some short tunes, but I’m doing well so far.

I’ve always had music in me, and recently, it’s been ignited. I danced from three years old to eighteen. I played flute and piano before I started high school, though never really advanced beyond playing for fun.

I suffered from severe stage fright, so could never dance professional or want to play music in front of an audience. But I suppose…. here might be okay from time to time.

My three (now four with the violin) musical talents that I have rediscovered thanks to a couple of people who reminded me of the music within. Also, I can sing. I love singing.

Dance, Ballerina, Red Ballerina Slippers

I used to love bright coloured ballet shoes and often had them in red because I was a Wizard of Oz fan as a child.

This is almost identical to my old Humphrey piano.

Now I’m back to playing for fun and to improve. And since it’s spilled into my writing with “Duet for One” and “Out of Ashes”, I thought I might share some things here. I’m still re-teaching myself. But I hope to have a few links (but be warned, I am still a novice) up as soon as I’m comfortable sharing.

And here’s my first composition. It’s cute and simple but it came from my amazeballs brain. I’ll record it myself when I have the time. But you can here the synthesiser on Musescore.

Here are some of my music related posts…

How’s the Violin Practice Going?

Awesome. Like, seriously. I sound terrible, but I’m having soooooo much fun with it. I think I missed my musical calling with this one. Lol. Maybe not quite. I bought it back in September but didn’t really start regular practice until mid-December, so it’s been a month of more dedicated practice. I started off with learning a bad bowing technique for me, even though it was from a professional violinist. But I watched a great video just after the Christmas break, and I found that technique much better. Or maybe it was how the violinist described it. It’s hard to … Continue reading “How’s the Violin Practice Going?”


Little Snowflake!

Winter’s coming, lol. Had to. It’s been a long few months since I started back at work after the lockdown, and I’m about ready for a nice Christmas. This year things are weird but good and I have two weeks off work to write, play music, and spend time with my parents.  My musical creativity has already been flowing with my violin practice and more piano practice. I’ve dipped into playing my flute, but I’ve had this weird cold for like a month, so I don’t have the breath for the flute right now. Don’t worry, it’s not Covid, I … Continue reading “Little Snowflake!”

What’s Your Christmas Soundtrack?

Some people love Christmas songs and carols while others despise them. That’s okay. I sometimes hate them myself.  Not this year. I’m loving pretty versions of Christmas classics and modern songs. I’ve found even more inspiration to spark my creativity. It’s mostly musical, but I like writing to tinkly Christmas music. It’s calming, thought provoking, and just really nice to listen to. Some of my favourite Christmas music comes from ballets like The Nutcracker’s Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy is one of my favourites. I found a version by Lindsey Stirling after a friend mentioned her. She also plays … Continue reading “What’s Your Christmas Soundtrack?”

Creative Dissociation!

I can lose myself in writing so much that time vanishes and, suddenly, it’s lunchtime or time to go to my day job. I’ve been very in and out with my writing pages of fun new revisions or crickets on my WIPs depending on the day or week.  After a mostly calm summer, things have been escalating in my life again. With COVID issues affecting my family and my job, it’s been a rough autumn and not a great start to winter. My family have all been ill, and my mum tested positive for COVID, which is weird since my … Continue reading “Creative Dissociation!”

Freeing Clair

I once met a pianist who could play Clair de Lune. He played with such passion, such beauty that it brought me to tears. His love poured through his fingers and danced across ivory keys. My body moved to his melody in the only way I knew, and I danced for him. The Pianist and the Dancer.  It was a perfect duet.  A bright smile graced his face when he glanced up at me. I expected him to falter with such flattering distraction in his stare, but he knew that if his melody wavered, so would mine. So he played … Continue reading “Freeing Clair”

Curse of the Girl in the Wings

Enjoy… The wings of a stage hold weighty loneliness when a dancer cannot perform. Shadows swallow my dream of the spotlight while I stand in this cursed darkness. Fear keeps me from the stage while I watch others ascend to greatness.  A dancer takes centre stage with prowling grace as he gazes upon the women awaiting his hand to dance. He chooses one, reaching out as she steps into his embrace, her gossamer skirt as light as a leaf in the wind. Bodies entwine in lifts and spins, a perfect rhythm I long to feel.  I am nothing compared to … Continue reading “Curse of the Girl in the Wings”

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Writing!

I’ve already talked about Fantastic Inspiration for your writing, but what about when you’re actually writing.  There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions when it comes to sounds around you while writing. Music, TV, low coffee shop muttering, nature, or silence. Either way, we all need the right background noise, or lack thereof, to help us focus. They set the right ambience to let our creativity flow and boost our inspiration while we in the “zone”. I find music is the best when I’m writing. Empowering, emotional, raging. Whatever I need to get the right feeling for the scene. … Continue reading “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Writing!”

Creating Creative Spaces!!!

I rearranged my living room the other day and feel more creative and refreshed in my personal space. So it got me thinking about creative spaces and how writers create theirs. Like any job or hobby, you need the right space and tools to work in. An artist need’s their canvas, paints, light and space to stand back and look at the bigger picture. A mechanic needs toolboxes and a large garage with a pit and one of those thingamajigs that raises the car up in the air.  Writing is no different. We need our notebooks, laptops, PCs, and whatever … Continue reading “Creating Creative Spaces!!!”

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