Out of Ashes

My inspiration playlist for Out of Ashes

I’m so excited to be publishing my debut novel, Out of Ashes.

I’ll be sharing snippets and teasers until the book is released (date pending) but you can follow my Instagram @emiliadashfire or TikTok @lovefantasynels for more.

Content and trigger warnings: Violence, sex, assault, abuse, suicide, abortion, mental illness.

Working for Nathanial should have been a dream come true for Clare after she lost everything. He’s charming, flirtatious, and a warlock who encourages the use of magic while most shun it. But when a witch-killer attacks Clare and her best friend, Scarlett, Clare is forced to release the magic she once locked away.

As Nathanial guides her magic through the power of music, Clare begins to sense a darkness around the ancient manor Nathanial lives in. Too curious for her own good, Clare embarks on a dark journey to uncover the manor’s mysteries, only to find something far more sinister.

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Writing Ranting – Why am I not published yet?

This isn’t a rant about how I should be published by now, even though I really should be🤣. It’s an explanation as to why I’m not published already. I also hope to clarify that writing and publishing a book is not a short process. That being said, it can be a fun one if you…

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