Reading Ranting

Reading Ranting

Reading helps me wind down and relax before bed or lets my mind float away to another world on a rainy afternoon or sat on a sunny beach. A good audiobook makes my 90 minute round trip to work more interesting.

I’m a weird reader. I love reading, but I find it hard to concentrate or I just don’t have the time. Even when I’m reading, I can be horribly distracted, so it takes me forever to get into a book. Or I just dissociate while reading because I’m so engrossed. Ask me what I just read, and I’m like… ??? All I know is how the books made me feel. I’m also super weird with rearranging my bookshelves all the time.

Reading is important if you want to write. You get a sense of what makes a good story along with elements you want to focus on. If you love a book, ask yourself why you loved it. Use that element (while not copying the author, of course) to grab your readers’ attention. Do you prefer character or plot driven stories? Do you love plot twists? Would you like to write an MC that’s very often associated with a secondary character and give them the spotlight?

See below for some reading ranting, reviews, and some of my favourite books. Also, see the sidebar (might be below or above on a mobile) for my up-to-date reading habits via Goodreads and Instagram.

Booksish posts 2021

Book Reviews from 2021

You can’t beat a classic sometimes. This is one of my all-time favourite books. It’s timeless with its complex characters, deep desires, and hints of magic. Dorian just captures the true essence of our darkest selves.

I took a while to get into this, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down and got desperate for the rest of the series.

WINGS!!! I love winged characters. I have a few of them, so reading about angels or demons or other winged people is so much fun.

This was such a weird story in the relationships. I was so curious to find out how they evolved that I couldn’t stop reading.

This is on audiobook in my car and I’m a few chapters in. So far, so good.

Terry’s style is quirky and ironic and so bizarre. I find myself laughing at what the MC states is obvious when us normal folk tilt our heads.

I read this and book 2 a few years ago. Because of life stuff, I never got around top book 3. But it’s on my list. I’ve also read her Titan series. I can’t wait for the Wicked movies.

I’m half way through this right now, and loving it. My only quibble is the voice is a little blunt for my liking, but that’s on me.

I’d been following Jenna for a while and had high expectations when she released this. She didn’t disappoint.

I just love this book for so many fun reasons. The MC goes from a quiet and sheltered life to discovering dark secrets that seduce her into breaking some rules.

This is very relatable story from a writer who lives next to my old town. I had to get her book. I’m glad I did.

I was highly disappointed when they stopped the films after just one. I was looking forward to seeing the series on the big screen. Then they made the TV series. I loved how they adapted the story so it wasn’t the same as the books. It added to the surprises.

There are very few people who aren’t Stephen King fans, so it’s no surprise this is on my favourites list.

My childhood would not be the same without this book, or the movie. I can’t remember what order I experienced them in, but they both left a mark on me.

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