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  • Writing Ranting – Magic Makes a Story

    Writing Ranting – Magic Makes a Story

    Magic systems are more than just world building in fantasy fiction. As a writer, you make the rules and can use your magic system as part of the plot. Here are things to consider for your magic system when planning your story… Create a challenge for your characters like newly discovered magic, opening a magical room, translating […]

  • Writing Update- The Fourth Wall Series.

    Writing Update- The Fourth Wall Series.

    Oops. I meant to give this one last check yesterday before posting it, since I post my writing ranting on Wednesdays. This week has been a bit weird with final prep for summer camp at work and family health stuff getting to me. Actually, this is perfect way to introduce todays post because it’s something […]

  • Whispers


    Check out more from my Embracing Darkness series. Through the cold abyss, Darkness whispers.  You’re weak. You don’t deserve friends. You lie.  You’re not good enough. You’re nothing. I cover my ears, hum a happy tune to drown it out.  They hurt you. Hurt them back. No. I won’t.   You’re a vengeful person. Go on, […]

  • Belated 100 Followers Celebration!

    I missed sending my gratitude over this amazing milestone because I was preoccupied with family stuff at the time. But I noticed. Don’t think for one second that I didn’t see my followers hit 100. Some people may think that’s a miniscule number compared to what is considered a “real blogger” but this site is […]